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3 Buy-Rated Dividend Stocks Yielding 8% — Or More  

By Editor - Mon Jan 13, 6:57 pm

When a stock goes up, that's good. We all like to “buy low” and “sell high.” Problem is, that's not always the way things work out. Sometimes, you buy a stock low, and it fails to become high. In fact, sometimes it goes… lower!So how do profit when a stock stubbornly refuses to go up? How do you mitigate the damage of a stock that sinks instead of rising? How do you guarantee that you make a profit no matter what?One word: Dividends.Using TipRank's Stock Screener tool it's possible to identify and invest in stocks paying dividends rich enough to deliver something close to the stock market's promised “10% long-term average return” out of dividend income alone

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3 Buy-Rated Dividend Stocks Yielding 8% — Or More

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