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Apple’s streaming service could feature content from partners  

By Editor - Wed Mar 13, 6:36 am

A report from Bloomberg shares some of the details about the long-rumored video streaming service from Apple. The company should unveil this service at a press conference in Cupertino on March 25 . While Apple has been working on a ton of original content for its new streaming service, Bloomberg says that most of them won’t be ready for the launch later this month. Apple will probably share some teasers on stage, but the launch lineup will mostly feature third-party content. Apple is probably talking with everyone, but many premium cable channels still have to make up their mind about Apple’s streaming service. HBO, Showtime and Starz have to decide whether they want to be part of the launch by Friday. It’s unclear if Apple is going to feature some or all content from those partners. Many of them already have a streaming service on their own

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Apple’s streaming service could feature content from partners

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