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'Bolivia is shattered': Election crisis leaves deeply divided nation  

By Editor - Sun Nov 10, 1:11 pm

LA PAZ/SANTA CRUZ, Nov 10 (Reuters) – From Bolivia’s capital La Paz high in the Andes to the steamy city of Santa Cruz in the eastern lowlands, weeks of protests have loosened leftist President Evo Morales’ grip on power and left his South American nation deeply divided. At least three people have been killed in street battles that erupted after Bolivia’s opposition accused Morales of rigging an Oct. 20 election, threatening to end to his 14-year rule amid signs his support is waning among the police and military. The turmoil could topple Latin America’s longest standing leader, a survivor of the region’s leftist “pink tide” who swept to power in 2006 as Bolivia’s first indigenous leader.

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'Bolivia is shattered': Election crisis leaves deeply divided nation

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