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Direct And Unfiltered: John Dingell’s Popular Health Care Tweets  

By Editor - Fri Feb 08, 12:47 pm

Former Rep. John Dingell, who died Thursday , was known for his strong opinions during his nearly 60 years in Congress. And even after leaving Congress, he continued to express his views through a lively, partisan — and sometimes earthy — Twitter account that attracted a keen following of more than 265,000 supporters and critics. Related Story: Former Rep. John Dingell Dies; Longest-Serving Congressman Was A Force In Health Policy Although his posts dealt with a wide variety of issues, Dingell’s longtime devotion to improving health care was a frequent topic. Here is a small sampling of his musings on health care. Click on the examples to see the full post and retweets. From his many years championing health reform in Congress, Dingell could offer a unique historical perspective of the efforts to expand coverage, a quest he said would make “my pop” proud

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Direct And Unfiltered: John Dingell’s Popular Health Care Tweets

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