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Opportunity’s last Mars panorama is a showstopper  

By Editor - Wed Mar 13, 2:12 pm

The Opportunity Mars Rover may be officially offline for good , but its legacy of science and imagery is ongoing — and NASA just shared the last (nearly) complete panorama the robot sent back before it was blanketed in dust. After more than 5,000 days (or rather sols) on the Martian surface, Opportunity found itself in Endeavour Crater, specifically in Perseverance Valley on the western rim. For the last month of its active life, it systematically imaged its surroundings to create another of its many impressive panoramas. Using the Pancam, which shoots sequentially through blue, green, and deep red (near-infrared) filters, it snapped 354 images of the area, capturing a broad variety of terrain as well as bits of itself and its tracks into the valley. You can click the image below for the full annotated version. It’s as perfect and diverse an example of the Martian landscape as one could hope for, and the false-color image (the flatter true-color version is here ) has a special otherworldly beauty to it, which is only added to by the poignancy of this being the rover’s last shot

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Opportunity’s last Mars panorama is a showstopper

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