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Snap introduces Spectacles 3, with two HD cameras and 3D effects on Snapchat  

By Editor - Tue Aug 13, 7:13 am

Snap has introduced a third generation of its Spectacles wearable sunglass cameras, and these include new 3D effects for use in Snapchat. You can capture 3D snaps, with a slight side-to-side depth effect thanks to dual angle cameras; 3D filters, which add AR graphics effects to captured video; 3D lenses, which add stickers and characters to your Snaps; and 3D viewing, which lets you use and included stereoscopic viewer to get the same perspective as someone who’s captured video using their Spectacles when viewing their Snaps. To achieve the 3D effects, this new hardware includes not one but two cameras, one at each outside top corner of the sunglass lenses. Both of these capture in HD, and record at 60 fps. Audio is captured using a four-microphone array, which Snap says helps improve the audio considerably on captured content. There’s a capture button to trigger photo or video shooting on either side. The glasses themselves are constructed from a single sheet of stainless steel, and they’re designed to be lightweight for all-day wearing.

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Snap introduces Spectacles 3, with two HD cameras and 3D effects on Snapchat

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