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SPCE Stock May Not Fail to Launch, But It May Still Fail  

By Editor - Sat May 23, 7:52 pm

Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) is a good news, bad news story. And it’s important to note that the company is reporting some good news. But right now, there’s some bad news too. And all of that is serving as an anchor on SPCE stock.Source: Tun Pichitanon / Shutterstock.com First the good news. Virgin Orbit, a branch of Virgin Galactic is scheduled to perform its first “orbital rocket launch” the weekend of May 23. This will be the final test of its Boeing (NYSE:BA) 747 aircraft-based system. Virgin Orbit’s parent company, Virgin Galactic, intends to send paying tourists on rides at the edge of space. By contrast, Virgin Orbit is using a retired commercial jet to launch rockets which will then launch satellites into orbit.Better still, the company says it has more than a dozen launches lined up after the testing is complete

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SPCE Stock May Not Fail to Launch, But It May Still Fail

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