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Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway  

By Editor - Sun Aug 11, 11:28 am

A Tesla vehicle involved in a collision burst into flames and exploded on a highway near Moscow last night, local media reported . The occupants were slightly injured, but the car is toast. The model of the car is not clear from reporting, but seems to be either a Model S or Model 3. It was being driven by a 41-year-old Russian man, who had his children with him. He had reportedly engaged a drive assist feature (though not necessarily Autopilot) and had his hands on the wheel when he crashed into a tow truck in the left lane. The driver broke his legs and the kids got away with just bruises, Reuters reported , but the car wasn’t so lucky. Some time after the crash the car caught fire, and shortly after that a pair of explosions occurred within its body, as seemingly captured (I was unable to directly confirm this) in the following video posted by someone in traffic going the other direction: View this post on Instagram Авария на МКАД и пожар Car exident and fire on ring road around Moscow (MKAD) 10 августа, 21:00, внутренняя сторона МКАД в районе поселка Мосрентген

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Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway

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