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Adtech giant Criteo faces $65M fine in France for GDPR consent breaches  

By Editor - Fri Aug 05, 12:26 pm

In the latest blow to the creepy ‘tracking-ads’ complex, French adtech giant Criteo has been found in breach of European Union data protection regulation and hit with a €60 million sanction (~$65 million) by the country’s national privacy watchdog in a preliminary decision following a multi-year investigation. Digital rights advocacy group Privacy International, which lodged a formal complaint against the surveillance adtech giant back in 2018, when the bloc’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into application, tweeted news of the sanction today. BREAKING: Nearly 4 years after our complaint and 2 after starting their investigation, the French data protection authority CNIL finds breaches in Criteo's activities, and proposes a fine of €60 million. Why did this happen and why does it matter? https://t.co/0DGq1nhj9E — Privacy International (@privacyint) August 5, 2022 It accuses Criteo of operating what it dubs a “manipulation machine”, via the application of a suite of tracking techniques and data processing practices which are designed to profile web users so they can be targeted with behavioral ads and advertisers pay for “individual-level shopper predictions”. Privacy International’s complaint argues Criteo does not have proper legal bases for all this tracking and profiling to be compliant with the GDPR — and it appears France’s watchdog is minded to agree. A spokeswoman for Privacy International said they have not received a copy of the CNIL’s preliminary decision but were informed of the development by the French watchdog following standard complaint handling procedure. “The CNIL informed us on Tuesday 3 August as they have an obligation to keep complainants informed of the progress of their complaints

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Adtech giant Criteo faces $65M fine in France for GDPR consent breaches

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