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Amazon Prime Video announces live-action ‘Blade Runner’ limited TV series  

By Editor - Fri Sep 16, 9:39 am

“Blade Runner” is getting its own limited series on Prime Video. Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch that the streaming services announced today it greenlit “Blade Runner 2099,” the first time the sci-fi franchise is getting a live-action TV show. Last year, Adult Swim made an anime series called “Blade Runner: Black Lotus.” The Hollywood Reporter initially leaked the news in February. Amazon made the news official today. Nothing else has been shared about the series, including the plot or when it will premiere. However, based on the title, “Blade Runner 2099” will likely take place 50 years after the sequel “ Blade Runner 2049 .” Directed by Ridley Scott, who is known for the 1979 horror “Alien,” the sci-fi film “ Blade Runner ” premiered in 1982 and later became a cult classic. The cyberpunk film stars Harrison Ford as a Los Angeles cop in a dystopian future. Ford’s character, Rick Deckard, is a blade runner that hunts down bioengineered humanoids called “replicants.” Thirty-five years later, the franchise was revived and the sequel “ Blade Runner 2049 ” hit theaters in 2017, starring Ryan Gosling as a replicant blade runner.

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Amazon Prime Video announces live-action ‘Blade Runner’ limited TV series

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