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Analysis: Wentz, Elliott provide little bang for buck  

By Editor - Thu Jan 07, 11:58 pm

In a league governed by a salary cap, finding productive players on low-cost rookie deals or bargained-based veterans can be the key to success in the NFL. The teams taking the field for the playoffs this month all have plenty good deals to help along the way whether it's a star quarterback on a rookie deal like Buffalo's Josh Allen, a fourth-round rookie cornerback like Kansas City's L'Jarius Sneed or a veteran cornerback like Xavier Rhodes, who signed a one-year, $3.5 million deal with the Colts. QB CARSON WENTZ: The Eagles gave Wentz a $128 million, four-year extension in 2019 and benched him before the deal fully kicked in.

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Analysis: Wentz, Elliott provide little bang for buck

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