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Antimatter brings shitposting to the classroom  

By Editor - Tue Sep 20, 10:35 am

“To be able to shitpost, you have to understand the subject matter really well,” Antimatter founder Jonathan Libov deadpans. “In a sense, shitposting is the highest form of consciousness.” Silly as it may sound, Libov is onto something. With a five-person team and a bit of venture funding, Antimatter is building the most memey educational technology company on the market with a simple premise: to make a good meme about a subject, you need to know what you’re talking about. “I talked to my best friend from college who is now a high school history teacher, and he said, ‘I use memes all the time in the classroom,’” Libov said. His friend introduced him to the concept of Bloom’s Taxonomy , an educational framework that explains how students can best retain what they learn. If a student memorizes vocabulary words for a quiz, they might cram flash cards into their brain the night before the test, get an A, then forget what they learned.

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Antimatter brings shitposting to the classroom

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