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Apple announces iCloud+ with privacy-focused features  

By Editor - Mon Jun 07, 12:32 pm

Apple is rolling out some updates to iCloud under the name iCloud+. The company is announcing those features at its developer conference . Existing paid iCloud users are going to get those iCloud+ features for the same monthly subscription price. In Safari, Apple is going to launch a new privacy feature called Private Relay. It sounds a bit like the new DNS feature that Apple has been developing with Cloudflare. Originally named Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS , Private Relay could be a better name for something quite simple — a combination of DNS-over-HTTPS with proxy servers. When Private Relay is turned on, nobody can track your browsing history — not your internet service provider, anyone standing in the middle of your request between your device and the server you’re requesting information from

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Apple announces iCloud+ with privacy-focused features

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