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Apple launches a new way to shop online for iPhone with help from a live specialist  

By Editor - Tue Mar 14, 6:56 am

Apple today is announcing a new way to shop for iPhones. The company is introducing a new service, “Shop with a Specialist,” that will offer customers in the U.S. a live video shopping experience directly on the apple.com website. With the free service, customers will be able to browse the latest iPhone models, compare features, and have an Apple Specialist answer their questions and help them find the best deal through the Apple Trade In program or their carrier. Customers can also learn more about the iPhone’s specific features, switching to iOS in general, and can get help comparing the different phones, colors, sizes, and more, Apple says. The service is going live starting today just as the new yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus go on sale. Though live video shopping has struggled to take off in the U.S., with even Facebook and Instagram recently exiting the market, the move to put Apple retail specialists online is part of a larger shift at the company to direct more consumers to its e-commerce website to complete their sales. These days, it’s no longer the norm for customers to line up at Apple stores on the iPhone launch day, as many consumers now shop and place pre-orders online

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Apple launches a new way to shop online for iPhone with help from a live specialist

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