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Archer’s co-founder is bootstrapping an all-purpose humanoid robot  

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The quest to build the perfect humanoid robot is heating up, as Figure — a startup currently operating in stealth — is developing a multi-purpose bipedal ‘bot it plans to pilot in 2024. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a source close to to the company recently confirmed the startup’s operations, funding, high-profile hires and pieces of its overall roadmap. TechCrunch has also seen a pitch deck that sheds further details on the Figure’s plans, including a glimpse at renders of the robot its working to develop. Presently the Bay Area startup’s efforts most closely align with those detailed by Elon Musk with Tesla’s forthcoming Optimus ’bot. It’s effectively a kind of holy grail among roboticists, a humanoid robot that could fill in a lot of daily tasks, from manual labor to eldercare. It’s also been a nearly impossible target. As a species, we tend to gravitate toward things that look like us. Bipedal robots are far easier to project ourselves into — it’s a big part of the reason they dominate so much science fiction

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Archer’s co-founder is bootstrapping an all-purpose humanoid robot

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