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Buy now, ‘play’ later: Halliday bags $6M seed round led by a16z  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 10:00 am

Blockchain-based games have seen a surge in popularity, but playing them is getting expensive. Play-to-earn games like StepN require players to purchase an NFT before they can participate, while other crypto video games offer users pricey upgrades such as virtual avatars and distinctive skins or costumes. Halliday , a startup founded last November by Akshay Malhotra and Griffin Dunaif, is building a “buy now, pay later”-style financing product targeted toward gamers who want to pay off in-game purchases over time. “It’s quite remarkable that video games, these virtual worlds, now have fully-fledged market economies. In these worlds, you have digital property, digital ownership, and items with real-world value. One thing we were struck by was that because these things have real-world value, it can actually be quite difficult to acquire them and have ownership, and one of the fundamental tenets of blockchain is that ownership,” Malhotra, who previously worked in the hedge fund space, said

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Buy now, ‘play’ later: Halliday bags $6M seed round led by a16z

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