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CoinFund’s Seth Ginns on why the crypto downturn has spared early-stage startups  

By Editor - Wed Sep 21, 10:17 am

Crypto token prices have been trending downward for the past year, with BTC and ETH both down over 50% since last September. Yet despite the downturn in cryptocurrency prices, early-stage web3 startups have shown remarkable resilience in their valuations, Seth Ginns, managing partner and head of liquid tokens at digital asset investment firm CoinFund told us on this Tuesday’s episode of Chain Reaction . Startups haven’t been completely immune to the downturn — late-stage companies have taken the biggest valuation haircuts during the down market, Ginns said. Ginns has a broad insight across different parts of the crypto market as an investor at CoinFund, which deploys capital across private investments such as startups as well as liquid investments such as crypto tokens. You can listen to the full episode with Ginns here: “When liquid markets represent the best opportunities, we can lean more into the liquid markets, and when venture markets represent the best opportunity we can lean more into that,” Ginns said of CoinFund’s strategy. While Ginns said he has seen late-stage crypto startups have suffered valuation haircuts in the past few months, the downturn seems to have spared seed-stage companies to some extent, he observed

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CoinFund’s Seth Ginns on why the crypto downturn has spared early-stage startups

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