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Discord says Android users won’t be left hanging anymore  

By Editor - Mon Aug 01, 6:19 pm

Discord announced new measures to bring its Android app into parity with its iOS counterpart today. The changes will improve the app’s experience for Android, which has historically lagged behind the iPhone version of Discord . Discord says the app is now “rebuilt from the ground up” using React Native , a developer framework for making apps that work uniformly across platforms. Some of the changes have been rolling out already in recently weeks, but the overhauled version of Discord for Android should be available to all users within the next few weeks. The chat app is about as cross-platform as they come and the company offers a version of the experience for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. Discord also recently added a new integration for Xbox Live that lets users forward their chats to their consoles. The company says that the new development method will allow it to expedite new feature releases and bug fixes, getting those changes to the multi-platform app uniformly and more quickly than before. Prior to the new system, Android users got the short end of the stick, often waiting for features and updates that their iOS counterparts received first.

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Discord says Android users won’t be left hanging anymore

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