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Dystopian document thriller game ‘Papers, Please’ is now available on iPhone and Android  

By Editor - Fri Aug 05, 11:29 am

Award-winning dystopian document thriller game “Papers, Please” is now available on smartphones nine years after its initial release. You can download the game on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $4.99 starting today. Papers, Please takes place in the fictional communist state of Arstotzka where you play as a border control agent who is faced with numerous moral dilemmas. The game challenges players to confront their own perception bias while touching on real-world issues surrounding immigration. “Your job as immigration inspector is to control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia,” the game’s description reads. “Among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work are hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists. Using only the documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission’s primitive inspect, search, and fingerprint systems you must decide who can enter Arstotzka and who will be turned away or arrested.” Papers, Please was created by indie game developer Lucas Pope and published through his production company 3909 LLC. The game was released in August 2013 for Microsoft Windows and OS X, for Linux in February 2014, for iOS on iPad in December 2014 and the PlayStation Vita in December 2017.

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Dystopian document thriller game ‘Papers, Please’ is now available on iPhone and Android

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