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Elephantech wants to create circuit boards that are kinder to the environment  

By Editor - Thu Nov 17, 4:56 am

Printed circuit boards ( PCB ), which perform essential functions in electronic devices, including displays and sensors, need a lot of energy to create. Moreover, traditional PCB manufacturing processes generate large amounts of liquid waste and high carbon emissions. Still, there are more environmentally friendly ways of producing PCBs, including additive manufacturing processes that use inkjet and laser printing, while fully biodegradable PCBs are also on the horizon . To get its slice of $90 billion PCB manufacturing pie , Tokyo-based startup Elephantech has developed an eco-friendly PCB called P-Flex , using inkjet printing-based electronic circuit manufacturing technology which it says reduces carbon emissions by 77% and water consumption by 95% compared to conventional processes. The main change Elephantech ushers in to the PCB process is that while electronic circuits are typically made through so-called “subtractive” manufacturing which involves layering an entire surface with metal before dissolving the areas that aren’t necessary, with Elephantech’s “pure additive” process, it only puts metals in place where they are needed to begin with. Nothing is subsequently removed (i.e

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Elephantech wants to create circuit boards that are kinder to the environment

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