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European EV rental startup UFODrive launches in San Francisco  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 5:53 am

UFODrive, an Europe-based electric vehicle rental company, landed in San Francisco on Thursday, marking the startup’s expansion into the U.S. The startup, which gives users an easy and contact-free way of renting and subscribing to EVs, comes to California at a time when gas prices are still incredibly high at $5.56 . While that number has dropped in recent weeks , it’s still cresting the national average. Combine that with an ongoing rental car shortage and a cultural zeitgeist that’s embracing all things electric, and UFODrive has got itself a potentially winning product-market fit.   UFODrive’s U.S. launch follows the company’s rapid growth in 16 cities across Europe, including London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Dublin since its founding in 2018. The startup is also planning separate launches for New York and Austin in October. Other companies have cropped up around the world to provide a similar service

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European EV rental startup UFODrive launches in San Francisco

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