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EV charging operator Bump unlocks $180 million  

By Editor - Wed Sep 21, 9:08 pm

French startup Bump has signed a multi-year financing partnership with DIF Capital Partners in order to roll out more charging stations for electric vehicles and double down on growth in general. It is an equity and quasi-equity $180 million deal that will be progressively unlocked from 2022 to 2030. Yesterday, ZePlug also announced a significant investment — but ZePlug focuses on a different market with partnerships with residential and office buildings. Today’s news is extremely important because Bump operates with a capital intensive business model. The company has already created 300 charging stations and plans to ship another 2,000 charging stations by the end of 2023. Bump funds and manages the installation of new charging stations so that there is no upfront cost for their partners. After that, the company handles maintenance and operation.

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EV charging operator Bump unlocks $180 million

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