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Facebook debuts a Reels API for sharing from third-party apps  

By Editor - Mon Sep 19, 9:31 am

Meta is going all in to expand the reach of its short video products. In the latest step to those offerings widely reachable, the company is launching a Facebook Reels API for developers to integrate into their apps. This will allow users to directly share Reels on Facebook pages from third-party apps using the “Share to Reels” feature. “Facebook Reels API will enable 3rd party platforms to directly enable a ‘share to reels’ feature, removing friction for users previously using 3rd party platforms and then uploading at a later time to Facebook. This API will allow a one-button sharing directly from their preferred 3rd party platform,” the company said in a blog post. If a developer integrates this feature, users can use a third-party app to post Reel and post to a page they’re an admin of. However, this API doesn’t allow apps to post Reels to groups or individual users. This could be useful for video editing apps, social media management tools, and enterprise social media users

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Facebook debuts a Reels API for sharing from third-party apps

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