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Finding your startup’s valuation: An angel investor explains how  

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Marjorie Radlo-Zandi Contributor Share on Twitter Marjorie Radlo-Zandi is an entrepreneur, board member, mentor to startups and angel investor who shows early-stage businesses how to build and successfully scale their businesses. More posts by this contributor 5 sustainable best practices for bootstrapped startups You’ve sold your company. Now what? During an economic downturn, investors with money in financial vehicles such as mutual funds and ETFs may have a portfolio that has substantially declined in value. So since they have less money overall, their motivation to invest in risky assets takes a hit. From an investor’s perspective, valuations are most reasonable when it’s harder for startups to raise money. For example, a company I knew in the beverage space had a valuation of $45 million when valuations were sky high. A year later, when the economy was quieter, its valuation was at $10 million

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Finding your startup’s valuation: An angel investor explains how

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