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Firefox extends its anti-tracking protection to Android  

By Editor - Tue Mar 14, 7:55 am

Firefox announced today that its Total Cookie Protection (TCP) feature that protects users from trackers is now available on Android. The feature, which will be turned on by default, will prevent cross-site tracking. This way, trackers won’t be able to gather data about your browsing behavior for targeted advertising. TCP was first introduced in 2021, but it was limited to Firefox’s enhanced tracking protection (ETP) mode . So users had to manually select that security level to enable protection from cookie-based tracking. Last year, the company made TCP available and turned on by default in all modes on Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The browser is not getting rid of cookies entirely. Instead, it maintains a “separate cookie jar” for each site to maintain your data within that silo

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Firefox extends its anti-tracking protection to Android

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