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Fish and CHIPs  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 5:24 pm

Things were on the quiet side in robotland this week — and honestly, I don’t mind. It can hard to catch your breath covering the industry these days. But even a category as supercharged as robotics and automation has its occasional slow weeks — and late July/early August is as good a time as any to take a step back on how we’ve gotten here and where we’re going. Quickly, a few of the macro trends I’m keeping an eye on in the coming weeks and months: I’ve been watching the CHIPS and Science Act over the past few weeks as it makes its way through Congress and onto the president’s desk. It was something Secretary Walsh was quick to bring up during our recent conversation , and robotics and automation firms are no doubt keeping a close eye on what impact it might ultimately have on domestic manufacturing. On the less fun side, it feels like we’re sitting here and waiting for the other shoe to drop amid economic woes and recession fears. If you follow Actuator, you’re keenly aware the industry hasn’t been immune to such activity, but for a category that’s so infamously difficult to succeed in, it’s been surprisingly resistant on the strength of huge investments driven by the pandemic

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Fish and CHIPs

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