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Food delivery company JOKR confirms closing of Santiago, Medellin operations  

By Editor - Tue Nov 22, 11:36 am

JOKR confirmed Tuesday that it has withdrawn its on-demand food delivery operations in both Santiago, Chile and Medellin, Colombia, letting go of 22 employees and 19 employees, respectively, in those markets. The company said via email that the move will “further tighten our geographical footprint to those markets that have achieved the highest scale and hence, strengthen our path to profitability. As difficult as these changes are, they will help us become a more successful, sustainable and enduring company.” Profitability challenges among grocery delivery startups are not new. Companies have struggled to come up with a business model that could generate meaningful revenue even as customers just ordered a bunch of bananas or a gallon of milk. Co-founder and CEO Ralf Wenzel revealed in April that JOKR hit gross-profit status , but that high didn’t last long. He was back in the news a few months later saying that the company was shuttering its U.S

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Food delivery company JOKR confirms closing of Santiago, Medellin operations

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