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Glaze protects art from prying AIs  

By Editor - Fri Mar 17, 12:37 pm

The asymmetry in time and effort it takes human artists to produce original art vs the speed generative AI models can now get the task done is one of the reasons why Glaze , an academic research project out of the University of Chicago, looks so interesting. It’s just launched a free (non-commercial) app for artists ( download link here ) to combat the theft of their ‘artistic IP’ — scraped into data-sets to train AI tools designed to mimic visual style — via the application of a high tech “cloaking” technique. A research paper published by the team explains the (beta) app works by adding almost imperceptible “perturbations” to each artwork it’s applied to — changes that are designed to interfere with AI models’ ability to read data on artistic style — and make it harder for generative AI technology to mimic the style of the artwork and its artist. Instead systems are tricked into outputting other public styles far removed from the original artwork.


Glaze protects art from prying AIs

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