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Google’s ‘quantum supremacy’ usurped by researchers using ordinary supercomputer  

By Editor - Fri Aug 05, 11:28 am

Back in 2019, Google proudly announced that they had achieved what quantum computing researchers had sought for years: proof that the esoteric technique could outperform traditional ones. But this demonstration of “quantum supremacy” is being challenged by researchers claiming to have pulled ahead of Google on a relatively normal supercomputer. To be clear, no one is saying Google lied or misrepresented its work — the painstaking and groundbreaking research that led to the quantum supremacy announcement in 2019 is still hugely important. But if this new paper is correct, the classical vs. quantum computing competition is still anybody’s game. You can read the full story of how Google took quantum from theory to reality in the original article , but here’s the very short version. Quantum computers like Sycamore are not better than classical computers at anything yet, with the possible exception of one task: simulating a quantum computer. It sounds like a cop-out, but the point of quantum supremacy is to show the method’s viability by finding even one highly specific and weird task that it can do better than even the fastest supercomputer.

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Google’s ‘quantum supremacy’ usurped by researchers using ordinary supercomputer

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