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GoPro shows parachutist’s soccer pitch landing  

By Editor - Thu Jun 10, 3:35 am

The GoPro footage shows his flight, until an unexpected turn of events meant the cameraman/skydiver having to carry out an emergency landing on Sunday (June 6).The skydiver told Reuters he had parachute failure, where the line twisted during the opening procedure and he was forced to open his reserve parachute.The ground was coming up too fast for him to reach the airport in time, where he and his co-parachutists land normally. Instead, he chose the stadium, which seemed the safest option.The match between Olimpia Elblag and PISA Primavera Barczewo in the Polish third division had to be halted briefly while the man gathered up his parachute and left the pitch.Fortunately, no one was hurt, although the parachutist received a yellow card from a witty referee.

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GoPro shows parachutist’s soccer pitch landing

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