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Here’s what NASA’s Orion spacecraft is doing over Thanksgiving weekend  

By Editor - Wed Nov 23, 2:41 pm

Since taking off aboard the Space Launch System rocket last Wednesday , NASA’s Orion spacecraft has had a remarkably smooth journey. But it’s far from over. While millions of Americans prepare for a long weekend with family and friends, Orion will continue its 25-day mission, including conducting a crucial burn on Friday to enter a distant retrograde orbit around the Moon. Orion is eight days into its 25-day journey around the Moon. The capsule is a cornerstone of NASA’s Artemis program, which has the aim of returning humans to the Moon by the end of the decade and, in the long-term, making our presence there permanent. Orion’s mission has been dubbed Artemis I, a reflection of both the start of the Artemis program and the capsule finally becoming operational. The journey hasn’t been without its hiccups, though these have been relatively minor. Perhaps the most substantial occurred very early this morning, when NASA unexpectedly lost the data connection to the spacecraft for 47 minutes.

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Here’s what NASA’s Orion spacecraft is doing over Thanksgiving weekend

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