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How to obtain FDA buy-in and unlock more funding for your health tech startup  

By Editor - Wed Nov 23, 6:54 am

Ramakant Vempati Contributor Share on Twitter Data analyst and former COO of Goldman Sachs, Ramakant Vempati is the co-founder of 2022 FDA breakthrough device Wysa , an AI-based digital companion for behavioral health. Many years ago, oil from Chinese water snakes was successfully used to treat joint pain until peddlers made “snake oil” synonymous with fraud. Times have changed, but the medical industry continues to walk a fine line between optical illusions and real solutions. Now, as venture capital funding within health tech has fallen 41.2% compared to the same time last year, it’s even more important for emerging technologies to present more than promises. By reaching for the highest standards and obtaining regulatory certification from institutions like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), startups can show investors and clients that they’ve gone through the necessary checks for safe use in healthcare, creating more opportunity to drive long-term success. FDA breakthrough device designation The influx of artificial intelligence in healthcare is exciting but often met with skepticism from the public, and rightfully so. The stakes for a poorly designed digital health product are higher than any other industry, and the costs of failure much more serious

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How to obtain FDA buy-in and unlock more funding for your health tech startup

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