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In Latin America, founders and investors seek to balance caution and optimism  

By Editor - Thu Sep 22, 8:13 am

Julio Vasconcellos Contributor Share on Twitter Julio Vasconcellos is the managing partner of Atlantico , a venture capital fund focused on Latin America. He was previously the founder of Canary and Peixe Urbano, and was Facebook’s first employee in Brazil. More posts by this contributor Latin America’s digital transformation is making up for lost time Cautious optimism” is the mood among founders and investors in Latin America today, amidst an uncertain global scenario. In this year’s Latin America Digital Transformation Report , the investment team at Atlantico chronicles how the region leaves in its rearview mirror a decade-long boom in tech value creation. Peaking with 2021’s record $16 billion in venture funding, a nearly four-fold increase from the year prior, Latin America broke through to the world stage. But even though we saw the total funding being halved this year, the region still counts on greater investment volumes than any year prior to 2021, fueling that “cautious optimism.” The past five years saw the birth of Latin America’s first unicorns, marking a long-awaited inflection point in the digital transformation of a region with over 650 million people. Now, with the dust of market turbulence still settling, local players are left wondering how best to play their hand: Ignoring calls for austerity could mean squandering the gains from these golden years, yet, not capitalizing on the region’s special post-pandemic position could leave much money on the table.

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In Latin America, founders and investors seek to balance caution and optimism

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