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Launch House holds private town hall, says investigation is underway  

By Editor - Fri Sep 16, 2:18 pm

In a town hall to some members of their community, Launch House addressed the harassment and assault allegations surfaced by a Vox Investigation earlier this week. The startup, backed by A16z and Lightship as well as a bevy of top investors, said that an independent investigation is underway. “We’ll let the investigation speak for itself, but we’re confident that it will show that we do not retaliate against women,” the co-founders said, specifically referring to an incident highlighted in the Vox piece over Launch House allegedly retaliating against a woman who’d been sexually assaulted there in the past. Launch House denied any retaliation to Vox, and repeated that denial in the meeting today. The startup also promised that they are building an industry-leading safety and security program for co-living experiences, which it will share in detail at another community all-hands “very soon.” The town meeting lasted less than 15 minutes, and was hosted by co-founders Brett Goldstein and Michael Houck.

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Launch House holds private town hall, says investigation is underway

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