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Launch House’s community reacts to misconduct and harassment allegations  

By Editor - Fri Sep 16, 12:57 pm

Launch House, a community-oriented startup that has built a brand around launching ideas out loud, is in the middle of a controversy after a Vox investigation surfaced multiple sexual assualt and harassment allegations.  Some existing investors in the startup and its venture fund have issued public statements supporting the alleged victims and denouncing the alleged behavior described by Vox in its article about Launch House. Launch House, meanwhile, confirmed to TechCrunch via spokeswoman that it is launching an independent, third-party investigation through a retained law firm. Earlier this week, CEO Brett Goldstein published a public memo in response to the allegations.   In the statement, Goldstein noted a number of initiatives that the company had taken, including “moving into new houses outfitted with more state-of-the-art security systems, implementing more formal background checks and rolling out official scholarships and channel partnerships to increase diversity of our membership.”  By the sheer number of people that Launch House works with, the impact of the startup’s controversy has had ripple effects across the startup ecosystem. Some expressed feeling blindsided, while others felt like their own positions were misrepresented.  One party claimed as an LP by Launch House in its newly announced fund says they actually aren’t a current investor, and at least one venture capitalist slated to speak at an upcoming Launch House event has dropped out once the allegations came to light, with others doing the same more quietly, according to one source who spoke to TechCrunch. A spokeswoman for Launch House said that “all entities named in the blog post had provided at least a verbal yes to investing in House Capital

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Launch House’s community reacts to misconduct and harassment allegations

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