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Leoparda Electric is bringing battery swapping for two-wheelers to LatAm  

By Editor - Tue Sep 20, 2:02 pm

Leoparda Electric, a São Paolo–based startup, wants to be the Gogoro of Latin America. In other words, it’s looking to build out a network of battery swapping stations that should help spread adoption of electric two-wheelers in the region. While LatAm is the second largest two-wheeler market after Southeast Asia, electrification in the region has been slow to develop. That’s in part due to policies, or lack thereof. While several LatAm countries have set some rough targets for zero-emissions sales or internal combustion engine phase-outs, insufficient fiscal incentives, weak regulatory policies, a lack of public awareness and inadequate charging infrastructure have held the region back from adopting EVs in any form, according to a report from the International Council on Clean Transportation . Jack Sarvary, co-founder and CEO of Leoparda Electric, told TechCrunch he thinks couriers could be the key to unlocking electric two-wheeler adoption in the region

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Leoparda Electric is bringing battery swapping for two-wheelers to LatAm

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