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LockerGoGa ransomware victims can now recover their files for free  

By Editor - Mon Sep 19, 8:17 am

Victims of the LockerGoga ransomware can now recover their stolen files for free, thanks to a new decryptor released by Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender and the NoMoreRansom Initiative. The LockerGoga ransomware family, known for its attacks against industrial organizations, first emerged in 2019.The file-encrypting malware was infamously used in an attack against Norsk Hydro in March 2019, forcing the Norwegian aluminum manufacturer to stop production for almost a week at a cost of more than $50 million. It was also used in attacks against Altran Technologies, a French engineering consultancy, and U.S.-based chemical companies Hexion and Momentive. According to the Zurich Public Prosecutor’s Office , which also participated in the development of the decryptor along with Europol, the operators of LockerGoga were involved in ransomware attacks against more than 1,800 individuals and institutions in 71 countries, causing more than $100 million in damage. The group behind the LockerGoga ransomware has been inactive since October 2021, when U.S

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LockerGoGa ransomware victims can now recover their files for free

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