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Meta’s threat report highlights clumsy attempt to manipulate Ukraine discourse  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 1:48 pm

Meta’s quarterly “Adversarial Threat Report” paints a somewhat depressing picture of the once feared global troll ecosystem: A number of outfits “relatively low in sophistication” attempting fruitlessly to spam their way to relevance. But just because they’re bad at their jobs doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. Various forms of hackery and attempts to manipulate online conversation are characterized in the report, but it makes for sad reading. A handful of people in Greece, Pakistan or Russia in some dilapidated office working a 9-5 and getting dunked on by automated systems before they can cause any serious harm. The common theme among most of the threats is impersonation, with malicious actors making fake accounts of real people or generating original ones using things like AI-powered content generation. Using networks of these accounts, often imitating attractive young women, they contact people across the globe and attempt to get them to follow links to malware or fake apps and services. Needless to say, don’t trust any beautiful stranger you meet online — or anywhere, for that matter. But the tools they’re bringing to bear are frequently not state of the art, noted Meta’s security writers: This threat actor is a good example of a global trend we’ve seen where low-sophistication groups choose to rely on openly available malicious tools, rather than invest in developing or buying sophisticated offensive capabilities


Meta’s threat report highlights clumsy attempt to manipulate Ukraine discourse

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