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Nanoracks cut a piece of metal in space for the first time  

By Editor - Fri Sep 16, 2:18 pm

Nanoracks just made space construction and manufacturing history with the first demonstration of cutting metal in orbit. The technique could be critical for the next generation of large-scale space stations and even lunar habitats. The experiment was performed back in May by Nanoracks and its parent company Voyager Space, after getting to orbit aboard the SpaceX Transporter 5 launch. The company only recently released additional details on Friday. The goal of Outpost Mars Demo-1 mission was to cut a piece of corrosion-resistant metal, similar to the outer shell of United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur and common in space debris, using a technique called friction milling. Welding and metal-cutting is a messy operation on Earth, but all of that dust and debris simply falls to the ground. But “when you’re in space, in the vacuum, it doesn’t really do that. It doesn’t just float away necessarily either,” Marshall Smith, Nanoracks’ senior VP of space systems, explained to TechCrunch back in May

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Nanoracks cut a piece of metal in space for the first time

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