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Netflix’s lawsuit against the ‘Bridgerton Musical’ could change online fandom  

By Editor - Wed Aug 03, 7:35 am

Netflix filed a lawsuit this weekend against two TikTok stars in their early twenties, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear , alleging that their Grammy-winning “Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” project infringed on the copyright of Netflix ‘s original series “ Bridgerton .” Early last year, the songwriting duo started penning impressive ballads about the popular Netflix show for fun, posting them on TikTok. Their videos were so popular that Barlow and Bear released an entire musical soundtrack based on “Bridgerton,” then beat out legends like Andrew Lloyd Webber to win the 2022 Grammy Award for Best Musical Album. The moment was a milestone, demonstrating the impact of social media on pop culture. If this project has been gaining steam for over a year, why would Netflix sue now? On July 26, the duo staged a sold-out performance at the Kennedy Center in New York City, featuring The National Symphony Orchestra and a collection of Broadway guest stars.

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Netflix’s lawsuit against the ‘Bridgerton Musical’ could change online fandom

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