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New Zealand bans TikTok from phones of parliamentarians  

By Editor - Fri Mar 17, 5:21 am

Days after the U.K. banned TikTok from government devices , New Zealand has joined the trend by prohibiting the short video app from parliamentary devices. The move comes amid growing security concerns about TikTok-owner ByteDance handing user data to the Chinese government. The country’s authorities cited cybersecurity reasons and said the app would be banned on any device with access to the parliament’s network by the end of March. However, the authorities are making an exception for people who might need the app to “perform their democratic duties.” They didn’t specify what that might mean. Parliamentary Service Chief Executive Rafael Gonzalez-Montero told Reuters in an email that the government took the decision after consulting with cybersecurity experts and authorities of other countries

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New Zealand bans TikTok from phones of parliamentarians

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