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Nvidia unveils Drive Thor, one chip to rule all software-defined vehicles  

By Editor - Tue Sep 20, 9:39 am

Nvidia is gearing up to deliver Drive Thor, its next-generation automotive-grade chip that the company claims will be able to unify a wide-range of in-car technology from automated driving features and driver monitoring systems to streaming Netflix in the back for the kiddos. Thor, which goes into production in 2025, is notable not just because it’s a step up from Nvidia’s Drive Orin chip. It’s also taking Drive Atlan’s spot in the lineup. Nvidia is scrapping the Drive Atlan system on chip ahead of schedule for Thor, founder and CEO Jensen Huang said Tuesday at the company’s GTC event. Ever in a race to develop bigger and badder chips, Nvidia is opting for Thor, which, at 2,000 teraflops of performance, will deliver twice the compute and throughput, according to the company. “If we look at a car today, advanced driver assistance systems, parking, driver monitoring, camera mirrors, digital instrument cluster and infotainment are all different computers distributed throughout the vehicle,” said Nvidia’s vice president of automotive, Danny Shapiro, at a press briefing Monday. “In 2025, these functions will no longer be separate computers

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Nvidia unveils Drive Thor, one chip to rule all software-defined vehicles

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