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Ok, I take back what I said about tech layoffs  

By Editor - Sat Nov 19, 11:28 am

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a nuanced take on this week’s startup news and trends by Senior Reporter and Equity co-host Natasha Mascarenhas. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. Well, that didn’t take long. In late October, I wrote about how the tide is shifting on tech layoffs, highlighting that 70% of layoffs that happened this year were conducted over the summer. In fact, using layoffs.fyi data, I claimed that the fall was shaping up to be far less gruesome in terms of net new events and people impacted. Then, things got worse. Since I published that post, a number of layoffs have been announced from companies including but not limited to Twitter, Meta, Amazon, Chime, Stripe, Lyft, Salesforce and Cisco. (Update: As I put this newsletter together, my colleague Kirsten Korosec broke the news that Nuro laid off 20% of its workforce )

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Ok, I take back what I said about tech layoffs

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