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Patreon CEO Jack Conte is fed up with Instagram and Facebook  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 12:21 pm

Before he was the founder and CEO of Patreon , Jack Conte was a musician, mostly posting videos of his songs on YouTube (which he still does ). Now, running a company that helps creators earn predictable monthly income from fan memberships, Conte is pissed off at Meta. As both Facebook and Instagram make changes to emphasize algorithmic curation, even the Kardashians have rallied for the platform to “ stop trying to be TikTok .” “I realize I’m a bit biased as CEO of Patreon here. I get that, but this is a big deal for creators,” Conte said about the shift to AI-heavy feeds in an Instagram reel last week . “We spent years investing in these platforms, building followers, building communities, and these changes remind us once again that these are not our followers, these are Facebook’s users.” Meta’s ceaseless imitation of TikTok has been brewing angst among creators for a while, especially after Instagram head Adam Mosseri declared that the platform is no longer a just photo-sharing app . “Instagram is making it seem like the photography to video thing is a separate thing from algorithmic curation, but that’s not entirely true,” Conte said

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Patreon CEO Jack Conte is fed up with Instagram and Facebook

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