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Pitch Deck Teardown: Glambook’s $2.5 million seed deck  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 5:24 pm

There’s around 250,000 hair and beauty professionals working across the U.K., and Glambook wants to be the sharing economy platform that takes care of them. The company recently raised $2.5 million at a $12 million valuation , and I managed to talk it into letting me share its pitch deck with you to see how the company wove its story to its investors. We’re looking for more unique pitch decks to tear down, so if you want to submit your own, here’s how you can do that .  Slides in this deck Glambook raised its investment with a 19-slide deck, and they agreed to share it with us in full: Cover slide Problem slide “Unsolved for a reason” — opportunity slide Solution slide Value Proposition slide “People love our product” — product validation slide Market slide Addressable market slide Traction slide   “Why Now” — timing slide   Positioning slide   Business Model slide   Go-to-market slide   Road map slide   Social Impact slide   Team slide   “Here is our story” — the “why us” slide   Summary slide   Contact slide Three things to love For an early-stage company, Glambook has a lot going for it — it is seeing meaningful traction and operates in an interesting market. The biggest challenge the company has to overcome is convincing investors that this is a market that is, indeed, clamoring for a technology makeover. And it does a pretty damn good job.

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Pitch Deck Teardown: Glambook’s $2.5 million seed deck

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