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Popup grabs $3.5M for no-code way to personalize online storefronts  

By Editor - Tue Nov 22, 7:14 am

Two former Shopify employees think they have cracked the code — through no-code actually — for small e-commerce merchants to go beyond the one-size-fits-all marketplace tools and provide personalized customer experiences. Corey Holmes and Matteo Grassi started Popup in 2021 after watching merchants selling through marketplaces (e.g., Shopify and BigCommerce) use the homepage and few product pages given, but then have to hack together a half-dozen more tools to build out everything from customer relationship management to email marketing tools. Holmes told TechCrunch that these are often tools that don’t easily integrate with the main e-commerce platform without needing some custom coding. Though e-commerce has waned some since stores returned to in-person shopping, global retail e-commerce sales reached about $5.2 trillion in 2021 and are forecasted to grow by 56% to just over $8 trillion dollars by 2026. This is why Holmes and Grassi say legacy platforms that don’t provide a way to differentiate storefronts or personalize customer experiences are not meeting merchant needs. Enter Popup, a no-code platform for the creation, management and hosting of online stores, from landing pages to ad campaigns to checkout, using a drag-and-drop visual editor. “There’s a lot of merchants that we’ve been working with, and it opened their eyes to what we can do differently,” Holmes said. “When you look at Popup, we allow you to build any type of online commerce experience that you need in a matter of seconds.

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Popup grabs $3.5M for no-code way to personalize online storefronts

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