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Ransomware is a global problem that needs a global solution  

By Editor - Fri Nov 18, 9:07 am

This time last year, we were optimistic. It seemed like the tide was turning on ransomware after the U.S. government scored a handful of wins against the cybercriminals carrying out these increasingly damaging attacks: the Justice Department successfully seized $2.3 million in bitcoin that Colonial Pipeline paid to the DarkSide ransomware gang to reclaim its data, and months later it played a part in bringing down the notorious REvil ransomware gang . Our optimism was short-lived. Despite this action, 2022 looks set to top last year as the worst year on record for ransomware attacks; a recent report shows that attacks have increased by 80% year-over-year and that the cybercriminals responsible for these attacks have easily dodged low enforcement action by taking advantage of ransomware as a service, or by simply rebranding. “It’s clear that ransomware attacks are on the rise,” Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, tells TechCrunch

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Ransomware is a global problem that needs a global solution

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