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Short Seller Hindenburg Research Renews Attack On Nikola  

By Editor - Tue Sep 15, 8:10 pm

Hindenburg Research, the short seller that successfully beat down Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ: NKLA) share price by 40%, fired more shots at the beleaguered electric truck startup on Tuesday. Nikola refused to engage amid a report of a possible Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) inquiry.Nikola, which hired crisis communications firm Joele Frank, declined to respond to questions about Hindenburg's renewed attack or a Bloomberg report quoting unnamed sources that the SEC was investigating Nikola. The SEC declined to comment, spokesman Christopher Carofine wrote in an email to FreightWaves on Tuesday.On Monday, Nikola hinted at an SEC inquiry. It said it had contacted the agency on Friday — a day after the 67-page Hindenburg report was published accusing Nikola of years of lies and deceit. A second Nikola statement issued Monday evening said it welcomed SEC involvement.That was it for Nikola. On Tuesday, it issued a brief statement. “We are not going to comment on rumor or speculation,” Nikola said. “When we have something to disclose, we will.”Founder goes quiet too Operating in crisis mode, Nikola also quieted the social media accounts of founder and Executive Chairman Trevor Milton. He has aggressively and sometimes profanely responded to critics and short sellers on Twitter

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Short Seller Hindenburg Research Renews Attack On Nikola

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