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Spinach.io wants to help agile engineering teams run better online meetings  

By Editor - Tue Aug 02, 7:04 pm

During the pandemic as businesses moved online, Spinach.io co-founder and CEO Matan Talmi observed that engineering teams had a specific set of needs for online meetings than other teams. At about the same time, he noted that Zoom was releasing Zoom Apps to help developers build meeting-focused applications on top of the Zoom platform. He and his co-founders decided to build a meeting tool designed specifically for engineers using agile methodology to run stand-up meetings online. They wanted to bring a level of automation to the stand-up by integrating with Slack, Jira and other tools engineers use to track their projects, and last year they began building the product. Today, the startup announced a $6 million seed, which is a combination of funding it has received since launching in 2021. “What we were trying to do here is really solve a very specific use case for engineering teams that follow the Scrum Agile development process. They have unique meetings and workflows around those development sprints and require specific experiences to really provide deep value,” Talmi told TechCrunch.

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Spinach.io wants to help agile engineering teams run better online meetings

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