9:56:48 PM PDT - Saturday, September 24th, 2022

SpinLaunch wraps up new round to fling payloads to space  

By Editor - Tue Sep 20, 2:01 pm

SpinLaunch ’s technique for sending payload to orbit, which uses centrifugal force to fling mass to space, has solicited its fair share of skeptics. But at least some of those skeptics are likely a little quieter today, as the company announced a notable new funding round to accelerate the commercialization of its kinetic launch system. The company’s latest funding round comes in at $71 million, including equity and debt, and brings SpinLaunch’s overall funding to $150 million. The Series B round was led by ATW Partners and includes participation from Kleiner Perkins, GV, ATMA Capital, ONA Capital, Lauder Partners, McKinley Capital, Tyche Partners, as well as John Doerr, Brook Byers, Asher Delug, Chuck Brady, Andrew Farkas and Greg McAdoo. SpinLaunch wants to completely transform how we move things to space


SpinLaunch wraps up new round to fling payloads to space

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